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NW Arkansas & NE Oklahoma's Commercial Fence Experts!

A fence is important to the security and safety of your property

Modern Fence & Supply Co. has been the trusted commercial fencing contractor in NW Arkansas and NE Oklahoma for over 70 years. We specialize in a wide range of commercial fencing solutions, from decorative ornamental fences to high-security 14-foot security fences with razor ribbon.

Your Business Security is Our Priority

And it's just as important to us. That's why we're fully committed to making sure that every detail of your fencing project comes together perfectly. From our dedicated Access Control crew factory-trained in the latest electric gate operator technology to our experienced gate design and fabricating group that can build any gate necessary in our 12,000 sq. ft. gate manufacturing shop, we've got it all covered.

Types of Commercial Fencing we Offer:

  • Chain Link

  • Vinyl

  • Wooden/Farm-Style

  • Pool Fencing

  • Steel and Aluminum Ornamental

  • Barbed Wire or Razor Wire

  • Custom-Built

  • And more!

Whether you need a basic chain-link fence or a high-security solution, Modern Fence & Supply Co. is the right partner for your NW Arkansas or NE Oklahoma project.

We've proudly served a diverse clientele across NW Arkansas and NE Oklahoma, including detention centers, wildlife preserves, schools, corporate security facilities, communities, sports fields, sub-divisions, neighborhood communities, ball parks - field fences and backstops - county work, and more!

Commercial Fencing in NW Arkansas and NE Oklahoma
Commercial Fencing in NW Arkansas and NE Oklahoma
Commercial Fencing

No matter what kind of commercial fence you're looking for, Modern Fence & Supply Co. has you covered. We are a fully licensed and insured commercial fencing contractor in NW Arkansas, NE Oklahoma, and we provide bonds for individual jobs as needed to ensure your project meets all safety and regulatory requirements.

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